Salt Lake Inversion

A dense fog settled on the Salt Lake Valley after this last storm.

A side effect of the storm is that the Salt Lake Valley filled with fog this last week. A drop in temperature created some interesting frosting on the trees.

Unfortunately, the Salt Lake Valley is prone to dramatic temperature inversions that lock in all the winter pollution. The trees on the opposite side of the freeway are barely visible.

If another storm does not clear out the valley soon, pollution will build up and the air in the valley will actually become dangerous.

So, it looks like Utah will ring in the New Year with a thick inversion.

Perhaps this is fitting. Utah Politicians are taking an irrational hard line against the environment and are hoping to convince the Trump administration to privatize and develop large sections of Utah's wilderness.

I am opposed to this drive to develop wilderness lands in Utah. Developing wilderness is only a short term change that will deprive our children of the wonderful recreation opportunities that undeveloped land holds.

Developing wilderness lands will not lead to the substantive economic changes our nation needs.

That Utah is beginning its New Year with an inversion is fitting as the new Republican administration does not appear to be a fresh air, but a dense polluted intellectual fog.