Lefavi Financial Center

My computer broke two years ago. I now have a little play laptop computer with a tiny screen and insufficient memory to run graphic programs.

I've been unable to develop a decent workflow for processing pictures; hence I have not been adding pictures to this site.

Anyway, I took a walk along Foothills Drive a few weeks back because I wanted photos of the new Senior Housing project. I am using this set of pictures to devise a new workflow.

The workflow I am using is to view the photos with Windows Photo Viewer. Change the picture name. Upload the pictures to Protophoto and add the caption.

Processing photos one at a time is cumbersome. I worry that it will take a month to process the photos I was able to take in a short walk. But, at least, I will have more frequent updates this way.

I decided to save the photos at 1280px wide. The project is a little bit silly because I can't really seek if the pictures came out okay on this tiny screen.

This picture shows some office buildings on Foothill Drive.