Granite Tabernacle

Granite Tabernacle

The Granite Tabernacle in in Sugarhouse was built in 1929. Due to the stock market crash, the building was not fully paid for until 1938.

Realizing that a property mortgaged is not a property owned, the LDS Church did not dedicate the building until 1938.

This is a wisdom that people today have forgotten. All of our businesses and even our governments are leveraged to the hilt. This leveraging creates a systemic fault for our society.

Every time we vote for a bond to expand our schools, build parks, or new recreation centers, we are voting to leverage our schools, our parks and centers. Most of these bonds pay big wall street banks fees on par with the actual construction costs of the expansions. It is madness. The leveraging of our personal and communal property leads to systemic faults.

A society is more stable when property is clearly and cleanly owned.