My favorite tool for outdoor cooking is a traditional round bottom wok.

A wok, by definition, is a round bottom cooking pan. Unfortunately, all the stores in Salt Lake carry only flat bottom wok.

A flat bottom vessel with large sides is called a saucier.

If you are cooking on a rocket stove or open fire, you need a round bottom vessel.

To be honest, a large number of dishes depend on the bottom of the wok being round.

I searched for months on the internet for round bottom woks. I actually bought two woks that web sites claimed to be round bottom woks ... but had flat bottoms.

I found this round bottom wok by Town Food at KaTom Restaurant Supply. The cost is only $10 ... but the shipping is $40!

I gave the wok away as a present, thinking I would order a new one ... but I can't afford the shipping. Now I am wokless. I only have a picture to remind me of the fun time I had cooking stir fry over an open flame with my wonderful wok.