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Protophoto Maps

I've started the long involved process of geocoding pictures (adding latitudes and longitudes) to images. I will use this information to create maps. The maps will be in the subdomain:

At first I was using Google Maps, but I didn't like being constrained by their API and Terms of Service; So, I did research and decided to use the maps from Open Street Map. As I understand the PNG maps are released as Public Domain.

The picture above shows PNG file for the map. Here is the map with thumbnails. This map shows only downtown Holladay. I created a larger map of Holladay. I will gradually add features to the program.

While working on this project, this site ( started acting up. I fear I may be overtaxing my CPU allotment, So, I decided to develop the maps as static pages.

I hope that this effort enhances your viewing pleasure.