Shoveling the Snow

Well, this was foolish of me. I made the database to add a blog to photo gallery, but I was called away before I could finish making the form to add blog posts.

I wanted to see how other photo sites handle the blog and began experimenting with tumblr (which lets people reblog photos.

As I am concentrating on the Mountain West, I decided to create photo blogs for the Mountain West States and created the following tumblr blogs:

For the most part, I've been reblogging photos of others and will start going through my photos to add new images. Blogging on tumblr might inspire me to finish the code for my blog.

Anyway, 2013 has been a great year for snow. The snow pile got about 9' feet high; so I thought that would be a fun addition to tumblr.

I decided to run a circle transformation on the picture I share on twitpic. The circle transformation on this image looks like a snow globe: