Salt Lake Inversion

I will be hitting the road next month. The project I am undertaking will require some data entry in the field; so I decided to get a SmartPhone with wireless access.

Much as I like my bulky Nikon D90, I think it will be nice to have a discreet little camera with me at all times.

While walking Coco, I looked out across the Salt Lake Valley. The sunlight was glancing off the temperature inversion in a way that gave the inversion layer an intriguing depth. I knew exactly the settings I wanted on the SLR (but it was at home); So I snapped the picture above with the SmartPhone.

The shadows are too dark and the tiny lens on the phone didn't capture enough light to bring out the details of the cloud over the city.

In the long run, I think this game of taking a tiny smart phone everywhere I go will end up being more frustrating than productive.