Main Street at Dusk

It is embarassing that I got so far behind on labeling pictures. It's been over two years since I took this shot of downtown Park City. This picture sat on my server for two years waiting for a label.

I put off labeling because I wanted to start geocoding pictures, and it took awhile to get a long enough break in time to start organizing a major geocoding project.

When I label photos, I am entering the geocode of the subject (not the geocode of the photographer). With the longitude and latitude recorded, I can place the images on a map.

This image is at the top of Main Street looking Northwest. I added to it the geocode of Wasatch Brew Pub. If you click on the Map Link, you should end up seeing a map of downtown Park City. There are small thumbtacks for images on Main and a big thumb tack right on top of the Wasatch Brew Pub.