Washington School Inn

I confess, I had been so upset about ObamaCare and the horrible state of our nation, that I simply stopped labeling pictures (my solution).

I didn't stop taking pictures. I would take the pictures, but I found I couldn't look at them without stumbling into a funk.

It's Thanksgiving Day; so, I decided to force myself to look at pictures. This stately building is a shot of the entrance to the Washington School Inn in Park City. The building was constructed in 1889. The quality of work and artistic insights of past centuries is amazing.

I took the shot over a month ago (October 22 ... with the last of the fall leaves).

It is amazing how many American towns have beautiful old schools houses.

Throughout our nation's history, Americans made great sacarafices to build quality schools. The schools were captured by a political groups that seeks simply to use them as a power base for political gain.