Boxed In

Sorry about the long gap between blog posts. It's silly, but I still have to write the program that lets me add rows. I have to put new posts in the database manually.

I admit, I put everything off this summer to work on a project called the Medical Savings and Loan. The project points out that our discontentment in health care lies with the business model of insurance. The solution is not more government regulation, but a new business model. The Medical Savings and Loan works a lot like insurance. Each person develops their own claims history. The system solves all of the major problems of insurance. I simply can't find a way to get my voice heard.

I developed this model decades ago while involved in state level insurance reform. The political system automatically rejects all proposals of self funded care as there are extremely powerful political groups in both parties that leech off the insurance system.

The 2009 reform debate is an absurdity. The debate starts by telling us of all the abuses of insurance, then it makes buying insurance mandatory.

I've been burning up my primary blog with posts on why this process is bad. I would love to have a chance to set up a Medical Savings and Loan. I feel that such a thing is politically (and therefore economically) impossible.