Sandy Trax Art

Sandy Trax Art

Computer Graphic and advance materials makes it easy for designers to incorporate bas relief sculpture in their works.

One need simply design a vector image on screen, then print the image on a large piece of paper. One then places the paper on a large styrofoam panel.

Workers will place the styrofoam panel in a wood frame. The designer will then follow the printed lines of the design and cut into the styrofoam panel to make the design.

Workers can then set a latice of rebar behind the image and pour concrete. After the concrete dries, one need simply remove the styrofoam to expose the relief image.

Using this technique, one can add intricate designs to what would otherwise be dull lifeless cement walls.

UTA used this techique to place relief images along side the section of trax through Sandy. You can view the artwork by walking along the path from the Sandy to the Draper Trax station.