Curly Cup Gum Weed

The Xeriscaping craze led to a horrible problem for the Mountain West. People imported exotic plants (like Donky Spurge) for their low water gardens). These plants escaped and are wreaking havoc in the mountains.

I've been complaining about certain plants for years. In my research, I discovered that a native plant (Curly Cup Gum Weed) was on the USU list of noxious invasive species, but goatshead, donkey spurge and other blights were not.

Curly Cup Gum Weed is a delightful native flower that thrives in the Salt Lake climate. The plant will bloom throughout the summer without any additional water.

So, in an act of defiance, I decided to plant the flower in my xeriscaped garden.

As I understand, the problem with this plant is that it is prolific. I think a horticulturalist would do well if they selectively bred Curly Cup gum weed for bigger (but fewer) flowers). The flowers could then be used in native gardens in the mountain west.