Social Networking with Photographs

An interesting trend is the use of photography in social networking. The prime example of this trend is a thing called a photowalk.

A photo walk is a social event where people converge on an area. They take pictures. Share tips, then rush home and upload the pictures.

I have not been on a photowalk yet.

I discovered a twitter account called SatScenes. This project simply asks people to run out and take a photo. I decided to take a camera along on Coco's walk and force myself to process and upload photos right after the walk.

SatScenes Blog is from the UK. So it is probably already the blogger's Sunday. But at least I forced myself to process a picture on the day I took it.

In the photo above, I forced Coco to sit next to the opening of an abandonned mine in Neff Creek. She did not like this idea at all. Her instincts clearly told her that scary things live in holes. One sits at the entrance to a den at one's own peril.

NOTE, I made smaller versions of the 4 photos I took which I placed on Coco's Blog