A Trip to Fort Missoula

Taking pictures is a blast. The above shot was taking during a pleasureful stroll through the grounds of the Fort Missoula museum in Western Montana. I had a really fun time exploring historical displays an learning about the history of a great western town.

Unfortunately, I really don't enjoy processing and labeling the photos. The date on the picture is in November 2007, but I did not label the picture until June 2009.

Actually, that story isn't really true. I uploaded and labeled the pictures from this set on the same day I took them. Unfortunately, a month after labeling the pictures my fly night web host flew by night.

The incredibly mean people simply turned off the site.

Unfortunately, I lost a month's worth of labeling activity.

The lesson from the incident is that one should always be prepared for their web host to go under (than means frequent back ups).

Life will be cool when I can simply take a picture and a magic box will crop, upload and lable the things for me.