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I have to apologize for the lack of posts. I am currently adding blog posts directly into the database. I put off writing that program to write letters in regard to the current health care reform effort.

I used to work writing computer programs for analyzing health claims. I was working for a state agency. I realized that the insurance model (both public and private) has it wrong.

The insurance industry charges premiums based on the experience of a group during the year. Human life, however, is an organic living process that spans decades.

Real health care reform would be centered on the life cycle of the individual and not claims experience for the year.

My proposed health care reform is a thing called the Medical Savings and Loan. The MS&L combines a loan component with a standard Health Savings Account. Forming the medical system around the needs of the individual will give us optimal care.

I've been upset with the current debate because it fails to look at the fundamental nature of human life and human health. It is simply a struggle between a corrupt right and a corrupt left.

The bill is unlikely to improve care. It runs the risk of dramatically reducing the quality of care.

Much as we all hate the status quo, the American health care system has produced a long series of dramatic improvements in health. In this last decade, we've seen major improvements to the health infrastructure including the IHC Facility in Murray, the Huntsman Cancer Center at the U. I've seen major additions to hospitals and clinics throughout all of my travels.

The reform is not taking us in a good direction; so I've been twittering and blogging on health care and not labeling photos.